Fabrication & Cloud Manufacturing Solutions

Get your Metal fabrication requirements fulfilled through our Cloud Factories(Metal Processing) units setup across the globe. We offer services like Slitting, CTL, Shearing, Laser cutting, CNC laser etc.


Precision Crafted Manufacturing

Customize your metal products to meet your exact specifications. Get your unique designs brought to life with precision and efficiency.


Design-Based Engineering

Turn your raw designs into high quality functional products that meets exact specifications.


Reliable Quality

Guaranteed consistency in production with our verified top-tier cloud factories.


Managed Supply Chain

Our managed supply chain ensures a seamless journey from production to delivery providing you with a hassle-free experience.

Fabrication Processes

Harness the power of our cloud manufacturing network for an effortless production journey. Our marketplace provides connections to top suppliers in India, enhancing your supply chain efficiency.

CNC Laser Machining
Cut & Bend
Cut to Length
Die Casting
Sheet Metal Stamping

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By partnering with top-tier cloud factories, we ensure that each product meets stringent quality control standards. This guarantees that every item you receive is of the highest quality, providing reliability and durability in your applications.

Our streamlined cloud manufacturing processes significantly reduces production lead times. This allows you to receive your customized products more quickly, enabling faster project completions and quicker time-to-market for your products.

Unique and tailored products help differentiate your brand in the market. This distinctiveness will attract more loyalty, ultimately boosting your brand’s value and market position.

Our competitive pricing and efficient manufacturing processes help reduce overall raw material costs. These savings will directly impact your bottom line, leading to higher profitability for your business. This cost-efficiency paired with top quality makes us the best choice for your fabrication needs.


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World's leading online marketplace aimed at transforming the Metal supply chain, Recycling, and Fabrication segments with managed logistics & finance solutions.

Are you seeking high-quality metal fabrication services? We got you! We get it done for you with the help of our experienced fabricators who can deliver precision-engineered metal components tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need processing, custom parts, prototypes, or large-scale production, our network of skilled fabricators is ready to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about how Metalbook can assist you.

I’m a fabrication factory owner and have a few machines for fabrication of steel, how can I onboard to Metalbook platform to get job work from Metalbook?

You can login to Metalbook.app or download the Metalbook app from Google playstore, create your account and request for ‘Processing partner’ access. Our team will connect with you and help you create your factory and add machines on platform and assign you job work on basis of your machines and processes, or you can connect with us on the provided contact details to know more about it.

I’m a Automotive parts Manufacturer using and procuring fabricated Steel items for my factory, how can Metalbook help me with procurement?

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We have onboarded processing partners from PAN India having various machinery and fabrication process, and can definitely help you to procure fabricated steel for your factory, with end-to-end logistics facility, also helping you track and trace the order journey.

What all items can be processed through Metalbook cloud factory?

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We have already partnered with multiple processing partners helping us in the processing of TMT bars, HR/CR coils, GP/GI coils etc and all other items with processes like bending, cut to length, slitting, shearing etc.